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What We Do
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Love Musgrove is the Official Charity of Musgrove Park Hospital.

Each year the hospital treats over 450,000 patients through its emergency department, on its wards and through its outpatient services.

Although the Hospital is funded by the NHS, it is vital that we raise additional funds to improve our services, purchase new equipment and continue to provide a positive environment for both our patients and their families.

We ensure we use all donations in a way that will bring the most benefit to our patients, family and staff, including:

  • new and improved equipment from wheelchairs to surgical supplies.
  • redecorating and refurbishing wards and departments to improve patients stay and accessibility.
  • clinical research and training to improve the quality of care we can provide.
  • children’s toys, games and books, to make their stay more enjoyable.
  • training for staff so the hospital can be at the forefront of medical development.

Below you will find some examples of how your generousity can really make the difference.

Improved healing environment for Fielding ward

Fielding Ward

Fielding ward have been able to rerfurbish and improve the environment for patients thanks to a legacy donation.

DVDs for our Beacon Centre cancer patients

Cancer Patient Dvds

DVDs designed to help patients with their next steps.

Extra wheelchairs provided by charitable money

New Wheelchairs

The porters have purchased extra wheelchairs to provide comfort for patients.