The Maternity Unit and its existing facilities were built just after the war in the 1940s and currently welcomes over 3,000 new babies in to the world per year. The current facilities are in need of modernising, expanding and upgrading since their original construction. The refurbishment project will focus on improving flow, capacity and providing a better patient experience for mums during and after their pregnancy. The plans will enhance the environment by:

  • Building and equipping two brand new dedicated recovery bays; a two-bedded bay and a single bay to provide enhanced care and improve patient flow
  • To create a new central reception area providing a modern, welcoming and comforting environment.
  • Upgrading the Antenatal Clinic to provide additional scanning facilities
  • Provision of new equipment throughout the Maternity Unit to improve the environment
  • Within the £100,000 target there are several pieces of key equipment that need to be purchased:

    • £24,000 for 3 monitors which observe women’s vital signs

    • £10,000 for a CTG machine which records the fetal heart on pregnant women

    • £24,400 for 20 recliner chairs that will enable partners to stay overnight

    • £1,500 for 3 hand held Doppler machines to detect the fetal heartbeat for prenatal care

    • £9,600 for 14 Medicare bedside cots

    If you would like to support this project, please get in touch with the Fundraising Team, check out how to fundraise here, or donate using the button below. You can also take on one of our challenges, or a challenge of your own, and fundraise via our Just Giving page for the Appeal here.

    Check out the coverage of the Appeal in the press here.


    In the last year, over 3,000 babies have been born in the Maternity Unit here at Musgrove Park Hospital, and with a long history of deliveries, we know there is a huge community of Musgrove Babies in the community. We are asking members of the community to come together and identify themselves as Musgrove Babies, and uploading new or old photos of themselves using the hashtag #MusgroveBabies. Check out everyone below that has already got involved, and to see the full wall head to https://walls.io/y7a5u.

    We are also again accepting requests for certificates and other goodies for anyone who is part of the #MusgroveBabies Community. You can see a selection of what our supporters have received below, and if you’d like similar, then please fill out our form here.