Musgrove Babies - Fundraising Total Announcement Poster



We are absolutely delighted to confirm to you the news that we have reached the fundraising goal of £100,000 for our Musgrove Babies Appeal. We are immensely grateful for your support in helping us to reach the target.

You have helped to modernise, expand and upgrade a number of spaces to help improve flow, capacity and provide a better experience for families’ right across Somerset.

We have created two new brand new recovery rooms for mum and baby after birth, additional scanning facilities in the Antenatal Clinic, refurbishment of the Maternity Reception and Antenatal waiting areas as well as upgrading the toilet facilities.

New equipment purchased includes:

  • recliner chairs which now enable partners to stay on the ward with mum and baby in a much more comfortable way
  • CTG machine to monitor the foetal heart rate
  • monitors which observe women’s vital signs
  • Doppler to study blood circulation of the baby
  • new cots which push right up to the beds where the side drops down to support mums to reach their babies which is particularly great for mums who have a long or difficult labour/birth. They support our baby friendly standards to help establish feeding and close and loving relationships
  • ultrasound couch for the new scanning room

The whole project will be complete in the near future and we have every intention of showing off the works when the time is right, so keep an eye out!

Although this particular Appeal has come to an end, we still have plenty more work to do. There will be new projects to raise money for across the whole hospital and do hope you will continue to support Love Musgrove.

Join the #MusgroveBabies Community!

In the last year, over 3,000 babies have been born in the Maternity Unit here at Musgrove Park Hospital, and with a long history of deliveries, we know there is a huge community of Musgrove Babies in the community. We are asking members of the community to come together and identify themselves as Musgrove Babies, and uploading new or old photos of themselves using the hashtag #MusgroveBabies. Check out everyone below that has already got involved, and to see the full wall head to

We are also again accepting requests for certificates and other goodies for anyone who is part of the #MusgroveBabies Community. You can see a selection of what our supporters have received below, and if you’d like similar, then please fill out our form here.

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