Radial Lounge Appeal


Our cardiology department is building a brand new state of the art radial lounge

We’re supporting our brilliant staff in the Cardiology Department to help them raise £68,000 to build and kit out a state of the art Radial Lounge. This lounge will create a much more comfortable environment for patients coming into the department for a day procedure, swapping beds out for brand new treatment chairs.

A Radial Lounge in the department would mean that most patients would receive angiograms and PCIs via the wrist (radial) whilst sitting in a comfortable chair in a more homely environment.  Shorter treatment and recovery times would massively reduce bed blocking and, ultimately, give a better patient experience.

We need £68,000 to make a Radial Lounge a reality so patients don’t have to experience longer waiting times and stressful stays in hospital. If you are able to support the team, there are plenty of ways to donate, click the donation button below, head to our donation page here, or to the Radial Lounge page on Just Giving here.