Miles For Musgrove

The Covid-19 Pandemic has meant that a lot of those who would like to have taken on challenges to support Love Musgrove have been unable. We’d like to say a huge thank you to those that have taken on their own, home-made, socially distanced challenges and events, it has made a real difference!

To support those who might liked to have taken on a challenge, we’ve created Miles For Musgrove, a distance based event you can take on in your own time. The idea is to pick an activity and a distance to take on over a month of your choice, and ask friends and family to sponsor you and support Love Musgrove.

There are just 5 easy steps to get involved and should only take you 10-15 minutes to complete and then you’ll be on your way:

  • Pick an activity – could be running, walking, cycling or even something like rowing, but make sure it follows the current Government guidelines around social distancing!
  • Choose a distance – pick a realistic target, but something that will challenge you, could you commit to 2 miles a day and complete 60, or are you an avid athlete for whom 200 miles in a month would be a challenge.
  • Create a fundraising page – head to, hit the orange ‘Fundraise for us’ button and follow the steps to create your page, and make sure you include why you’re raising funds and any pictures too!
  • Download and print off our Mile For Musgrove Calendar – we’ve created a simple calendar (below) to track your miles and show your friends and family your progress, with room to include your fundraising page so everyone can go and sponsor you!
  • Register your Miles For Musgrove fundraiser with us – head to click the button at the top of the page to register your event.
  • And you’re all set! Best of luck with your Miles For Musgrove, and thank you!

    Download calendar here.