Groups and Associations

We are incredibly lucky to be surrounded by incredible groups right across the County of Somerset. We’ve worked with a number of groups and associations in the past and last year we received an incredible £75,000 through partnerships with local groups. We pride ourselves in those partnerships, and work with groups to achieve their full fundraising potential.

Charity of the Year

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Choosing to work with Love Musgrove over a long period of time really highlights your commitment to a local cause. At the beginning of the year we will have a tailored conversation with your group about how to realise the full potential of fundraising and impact we can have together.

Over the year, activity could include:

  • Events - Office Quiz, Charity Ball, Family Fun Day

  • Bucket Collections

  • Member Challenges - check out our full challenge offer here.

At every stage we put the needs of your group first, meaning we can be sure you’ll get as much as possible from partnering with Love Musgrove. We know some groups and associations already have well established Charity of the Year schemes, so if Love Musgrove needs to apply, please let us know.

Host an Event


raise money and hAVE fun doing it.

Hosting a charity event is an incredible way to raise money and bring a whole community together. From putting together a planning committee, to working with local partners to host and supply events, running and event is a great experience.

We’ve been lucky to receive support from a number of brilliant events, including:

  • Fundraising Balls

  • Afternoon Tea Parties

We offer lots of support to groups and individuals running their own events, including advertising on our social media platforms and website and a number of materials either downloadable or ones we have in the office. For a full list of materials, see our Fundraising Toolkit here.

Invite a Speaker


hear from people right at the heart of musgrove.

We can arrange a speaker from the Fundraising Team or departments within the hospital to come and talk at events to discuss how your support actually makes a different right here at Musgrove.

We can arrange a talk to suit any situation and are happy to engage with any group size.

Support a Project or Campaign

choose from our wishlist and help us reach our target.

We have a number of ongoing projects and campaigns that need support from groups like yours. We know that people often choose to support causes close to their heart, and with a list that covers a large number of departments across the Hospital, hopefully you will find a cause close to you.

To see a full list of what we’re currently fundraising for, head to our wish list here.

If you’d like any more information, or would like to discuss a potential partnership, please fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch.

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